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Ontario Healthcare Statement

2 August 2022

The frontline workers of Ontario continue to be worked tirelessly every day as their government under Premier Ford only continues to ignore healthcare workers and nurses and the ever-growing need for properly funded, sustainable, healthcare throughout the province.

With the number of Ontario hospital staff off work due to COVID-19 nearly doubling since May of 2022, and dozens of hospitals and emergency care centers continuing to reduce capacity due to a lack of staff, Premier Ford only continues to show Ontario the lack of leadership that he has and how much he really cares for us.

Healthcare in Ontario is at a breaking point and the COVID-19 pandemic has shown us all that. Ontario needs strong and dedicated leadership from a Premier who is willing to do what is needed for the people of Ontario. Our healthcare and the healthcare of the elderly, marginalized, racialized, and Indigenous people of this province cannot wait any longer.

I urge Premier Ford to repeal Bill 124, properly fund our healthcare system and show us that you care about us and the system that so many rely on. I continue to commit myself to working with all hospitals in the Ottawa area, as well as around Ontario to ensure that people are being given the proper healthcare that they deserve; that nurses and all healthcare providers are being treated equally and fairly for the work that they are doing. No one should have to suffer due to a lack of leadership in Premier Ford.


Released publicly with copy to all Ottawa Area Hospitals

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