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A very active member of her community, Sam has dedicated her life to improving her community here in Ottawa and beyond. Currently working as a Senior Engagement Advisor, she has worked and managed numerous projects including Canadian energy projects, the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, G7, G20, International Energy projects/conferences, and numerous other international affairs.

Sam currently serves as the Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Canadian South Asian Women’s Chamber of Commerce in addition to her Board of Director position with the Ottawa Community Housing Foundation and the Canadian Broadcasting Standards Council where she also serves as an Adjudicator. In May of 2023, she was selected as Canada’s Chair of Negotiations and Diplomacy for the G100. Here she works alongside noble laureates, former Heads of State and Ministers, and many more all joined in a pact of purpose to create massive opportunities for women worldwide.

Sam has previously served as the Chair of the Champlain Maternal Newborn Regional Program, Chair of the Patient and Family Advisory Council with the Ottawa Hospital (PFAC) & served as a member of numerous other committees at the Ottawa Hospital and CHEO. She has also done work with the Canadian International Peace Project and served as a Member of the National Anti-Racism Council of Canada (NARCC), as a Member of the Network of Indian Professionals, and as a past board member of the Ottawa Youth Services Bureau. In 2018 she was elected as the National Party Secretary of the Liberal Party of Canada where she also continued to serve until May of 2023.

During her post-graduate studies where she earned a degree specializing in political science, Sam continued to volunteer with the Liberals in various ridings, organizing many women’s clubs and working with a number of MPs in their constituents’ offices. In addition to having worked with many Members of Parliament and Federal Ministers, in 2003 Sam was elected as Director of the National Women’s Liberal Commission (NWLC) where she also provided support to the Indigenous Peoples’ Commission at the Liberal Party of Canada’s National Headquarters in Ottawa. She has served as Vice President for the Carleton Riding Association, Vice President (Ontario) for the NWLC, Interim President of NWLC, and much more. In the 2022 Ontario General Election, Sam stood as the candidate for the Ontario Liberal Party in Ottawa West-Nepean.

Sam and her husband Nav of nearly 19 years have two beautiful boys. She is a dedicated and proud mother who hopes that her children will embrace the good values that she has helped to teach them and that they will have the same opportunities to serve Canadians as she has had so far and continues to have on a daily basis.

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